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Get This Handy Borrowers Guide Now!

This detailed cash advance borrower’s guide will give you all the inside information you need to know when you talk to any lenders. You will learn what questions to ask to get a better rate, how to judge the best lenders, what fees and rates are fair and who should you trust when borrowing money.

Also, as a special FREE service to you a loan specialist will contact you and answer any questions that you may have on the process of applying for a business cash advance loan. You will be able to ask them all the inside information questions you normally can not ask the lenders directly.

This offer is on the first come first serve basis and is limited to the first 20 responders.

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Bank Only Deals

Step 1
Complete the applications, Merchant Cash Advance Application
Step 2
Please fax the completed application with the following documentation to Fax: 866-931-8221 or email it to funding@BusinessLoanXchange.com

  1. 6 most recent months of bank statements
  2. Completed Application
Step 3
We will process your applications quickly and get back to you right away with the best offer tailored to your business.

The Offer

We will review your cashflow needs and expectations. Our funding adviser will offer you a business funding your business can sustain. A written business loan offer  will contain the amount your business will have easy access to. You have no restriction on how you can use the money. Buy equipment, pay down debt, hire employees or use it for whatever your business needs.

No Compounded Interest

As always there is no compounded interest it is a set payback amount. A small pre-determined percentage is taken out of your bank account via the ACH process every day until you have satisfied the advance. You dont have to worry about late payments, penalties or compound interest. Your payout percentage does not increase if you need to take a bit more time to pay off the advance.

No Worries, We Will Work With Your Schedule

If your business is closed for the day or week or you are on vacation, just let us know and we will suspend your payback for that short duration and your balance does not move up. There are no late fees, penalties, minimum monthly payments or checks to write.

Once the loan is paid off, if you still require access to more cash, payments stop and you can still have the pre-approval for another business loan.

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Yes! Please send me the Borrowers Guide so I can learn all the ins and outs of borrowing money from business cash advance lenders.

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